Monday, 2 August 2010

Hold me close !!

Female friend describes the first time she had anal sex !! (anon)

The'first time' it feels a bit uncomfortable and 'wrong'.

That's part of the excitement though and that feeling of being naughty. For me, when I first felt his tip prodding in there, my reaction was to clench it shut and I had to concentrate a little to open up for him.
He was pushing my cheeks apart but obviously that doesnt open my arse - eager bugger that he was .

Lube helped a lot (we used baby oil), the more the better, and once he had the first inch or so inside I relaxed a little and clenched around him.
I had to keep opening up, even with the oil to let him push in deeper. Until he is actually stroking in and out it's like being on the border between pleasure and pain. I could really feel the shape of his cock, rather than having a load of pleasure centres stimulated like in my pussy. I could feel the thing throbbing in there and that was really sexy

Once he starts shafting though and the tunnel is widening a little it's very good.
This sounds a bit crass and not the sort of thing you would put into a story but if you can imagine being constipated for like a month then having a really good clear-out, well that's how it feels.
It's very satisfying.

The key is feeling every millimeter of the shape, size and throbbing of his cock. The heat of it is wonderful because it's so unusual to have heat up there.
And to that end when a guy cums in there it feels blissful, much different to a pussy, more about the heat and gooeyness of it.

You're making me want to get my arse screwed now!

Sometimes coupling means sucking!!