Friday, 17 September 2010

Going up or coming down ?

Sheer gluttony !

Lots of body contact in this lovemaking !!

Penetration is the name of the game !!

Surely these must be the rumps in rumpy pumpy !!!

What beautiful form the female breast takes !

It feels so good when you make your partner say "Ooooh"

On oral sex

A female aquaintance from a porn forum laments the fact that lots of women will not fellate their partner...I paraphrase here but I'm sure the drift is clear..

"I just can't understand why women won't give head to their partner, for a start it's a damned sight easier than cooking him a three course dinner !"

Cunnilingual feasts !

Why spend hours cooking when you have the most eatable body !!

Eat me Cap'n !!

The rough and the smooth !

C'mon on, admit it....they are a terrific shape to suck !!

wet and squishy !!