Friday, 15 October 2010

Swollen with blood....beautiful vulva !!

Almost !!!!

Almost a silhouette.....erotic pubic wisps !!

Mushroom anyone ?

Female form.....obverse

Female form................

Tit for tat !!....nearly

Just because again !!

The food of champions !!

It's happening fromthe other side of the bed as well !!

The arched neck and back, the stiffly erected nipples.....just what is happening out of picture ?

Thursday, 14 October 2010

69, gotta be the height of mutual satisfaction !!

Any advance on three fingers ??

Always try to ensure your partner is on the same wavelength, re-tune her if necessary !!

A nicely trimmed bush is so sexy !!!

Is bondage some kinda restrictive practise ???

Nor any of these !!

None of my neighbours adorn their windows like this !!

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In fact I'm sure she could live off "being eaten" !!

She adores "being eaten"...her words !