Friday, 5 November 2010

Especially for two Decent German Girls !!!

Two examples of the Kimiko effect, and a good old footsie !!

This is how it left me !!

A while ago I was collecting images of cunnilingus....this is how I felt afterwards

Is it alright to want to be down on my hands and knees taking in the heady, musky, salty smell and taste of cunt.?

Nuzzling those pink, damp fleshy lips, sliding my tongue between the inner and outer folds greedily licking her copious cum.

Softly flicking her hood so that her tiny, shiny button is revealed, demanding the wave of sound from my humming lips...the sound that makes her toes curl, her knees grip together, ecstatic muscle spasms from her belly to the ever engorging pussy !!

Oh and that once forbidden pinky, brown star of puckered temptation, sphincter muscle twitching in mounting expectation.

Choices, choices oh to have those choices !!

TousledOne craves for this situation !!!!


I've been asked a few times if TousledOne is going to make an appearance....well she may have done already !!
At least part of her may have appeared !!

Ok TousledOne, would you like your ankles restraining or should we start as you are ?

Just a few of the bits that women tantalise us with !!

ass musings !!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Just the tiniest drop of pre-cum !!

Face sitting ?? yes please ....

Occasionally a running jump has good outcomes !!

If you want a good ravishing, wear denim !!

For her sake, I hope the lemon juice was cleaned off !!

UntilI saw this image,I used to think that a naked figure with panties on the way down was very sexy, but this surpasses it....maybe it's the skirt tight against the ass and thigh ?

She packs so beautifully !!!

If I were to make a guess,I'd say that woman was fairly vulnerable !!

Sorry for the lack of new stories !!

I have a block at the moment, but a couple of friends are trying to fill that void ....hope we can sort that soon !!!

Sat on the bog, panties stretched across calves, toting I find that pretty sexy !!