Saturday, 20 November 2010

Fetbond !


I will not be able to get to my pc regularly for the next 5 days or so.....please bear with me as normal service will be restored !!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Thursday, 18 November 2010

This one scores very highly !!

peachy cheeks, firm thighs,stockings and suspenders......and to top it all dangling breast !!

Blowjob....but I can't remember

It's so long since I took part that I'm unsure about the sequence of events !! There are images missing..for instance, the one were she says "You're an old guy and you're quite witty, so go and wash your dick in Listerine and we'll get on with it !"

Outside Licensed Premises !!

Inspired by a lady who just loves partaking in that good old Brit pastime...booze fuelled outdoor sex !!

Skirt rolled up, panties pushed to one side
Her hot breath puffing the cold night air
Leg on a keg, pussy lips pouting, grabbing for cock.
Down goes his zip, out springs his dagger.
She grabs for his member, he gasps at her grip
Look at her minge, it’s beginning to drip.
Fit as fuck, her mound freshly trimmed
Full and plump with a goosepimply tone.
He fumbles his cock, too anxious by far
Before he can dock, he shoots on the floor.
He might be have a short trigger
But knows how to make up
Dropping to his knees he gives her a lick
And a lick, and a lick and a nibble…and… and….

Morning erection...can be useful for your partner or not !!!!

First thing in the morning !! Possible solutions .......