Friday, 17 December 2010

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  You are naked on the bed as I enter the room in my black shiny panties. No covers. Sitting up. Waiting with a look of a man who had naughty thoughts running through his head.

“Looks like you have something on your mind” I say with a smirk, swaying over to your side of the bed.

“I do.” you answer, mirroring my taunting smile. Climbing on top of you, balancing myself with my hands on your shoulders,

”Do you? And what would that be Mr.Horny Brit ?”.

Now straddling you, we can speak face-to-face. I can feel your cock erecting and certainly you can feel the juice leaking from my pussy.

“Well … ” you say, “first I begin with discovering the best route from each side of your jaw …” Your fingers find my jawbone and begin to trace back and forth.. Slowly your hands come to rest with your thumbs close together at the front of my neck. My body is relaxed and still leaking love juice, and the slightest tensing of my buttock cheeks is beginning.

My body is undulating on it’s own on your lap. I have no control over the swaying of my hips, nor the molten juice coating your ever stiffening cock. You expertly remove my panties, taking time to pass them over your mouth and nose, wiping them deliberately across your face. “

“Hold your horses.” I say, getting off your erection and producing a black silk blindfold..
“I wondered when you were going to use that, but I always imagined you would be the one that was going to be blindfolded.”.

I reach for another, longer tie from the bedside cabinet. Now Mr Horny Brit. “ Bend those muscular hairy legs, so that they are spread apart and the soles of your feet are aligned”. You silently obey…”You have a question ?” But you say nothing as I bind your ankles and feet together. Your penis and testicles are now at my mercy….will it be pain or pleasure.

I have assumed control just as you imagined you would be making the running in this situation where one partner is subject to the teasing and mischievousnesss of the other..

I walked back to your side, my hips swaying and my firm breasts moving sensually , brown stiff nipples leading the way. Your eyes as ever are magnetized towards my nipples, you pass your tongue over your top lip as if already flicking those sensitive trigger points.

Your cock is now as stiff as, and moving from side to side , backwards and forwards, glistening with our mutual precum wetness. over to your side, my breast still exposed and swaying when I move, your eyes pinned on the pointy and tight nipple you so desperately want to toy with. I can see your tumescent manhood waving – glistening with a combination of both our fluids.

Staring straight into your eyes I tease, well Mr Brit, you have made a mess here haven’t you?

“Could you not keep it in?

“No kd”

Too anxious to wait?

“Yes kd”

“Shall I clean you up with this tissue?”

“No, no!”

“Well then Mr Brit, it will have to be this”, my head drops to the join of the base of your cock shaft and your crinkly ball sack.

Carefully I slide my mouth round your stiffness, just enveloping the root of your cock, no shaft, no balls.

Immediately you shiver, and gentle muscle spasms ripple the front of your thighs.

“Control Mr Brit, we don’t want any more pre emptive spurting do we now “

Slowly, lips apart, I suck one of your balls into the soft wet heat of my mouth, tongue flicking round and round its ovoid shape. I can feel the soft smooth skin of your scrotum freshly shaved by myself the previous day.

I suck air in and out , cool and hot, your balls against the roof of my mouth and then nipped lightly by my front teeth, your moans and wriggles, expectation and tension growing.

You jump quite noticeably as my finger runs along your perineum and ventures slowly past your crinkly star.

You shudder and moan as your sphincter first grips and then allows my finger into your ass .

I suck hard on your balls the vibration building up your spasms, your legs and hips are thrashing wildly as I now join in the animal moaning and groaning.

I slip a hand between my legs and transfer the juices from my weeping slit to your demanding mouth. sweet and musky you devour all that I give you.

“Good boy Mr Brit” I say as I release your balls from the suction and wetness of my mouth, and begin on the shaft of your cock with a flat tongue, circling round and round.

Occasionally I dip the well between my legs to ensure you’re are suitably lubricated for what promises to be a long cock worship.

My fingers are slowly nearing the head of your cock which is glistening all purple red, seemingly ready to erupt, Your body twitches and trembles as I skirt just below your mushroomhead…then I suddenly stop. “

“ NO, no…don’t leave me like this “ you say

But I sit back and suck clean my fingers “Mmhn we taste so gooood!” I murmur

Now I begin my quest to empty your balls of their warm, sticky, creamy jizz. I grip the shaft of your rod, my lips forming a warm, soft wet seal, as I slowly suck in your shaft, so that the head hits the roof of my mouth, and slowly passes down my throat.

I manage all of your proud cock, my lips touching the top of your balls as my hands cradle them below.

As my head rises the tip of your cock pops out , then back in as I steadily go up and down. In, out pop…in. out pop!!! Now you are thrashing about keeping the lid on your desire to erupt. Your groaning gets more animal like as I tease, in out, tease in out fondle!!

You tense up again as if to ejaculate “No, no Mr. Horny Brit, not yet. You are going to cum inside my pussy…non of your tit spraying today!”

I need to feel your stiffness sliding along my wet slit, backwards and forwards. Then you can take your cock into your own hands and spear my tight slit right up to your balls.

Quickly I straddle your grinding hips and wipe your cock head along my dripping slit…you shudder in ecstasy..” How’s that Horny Brit..can you take any more of my hot gripping cunt? Are you ready yet, or shall I keep you waiting just a bit longer?”

“Oh fuck kd, do it now you bitch, do it now!!”
I take your cock from between my legs and slide down so as your aching dick rests between my tits, jutting thick nipples grazing your tummy.
Oh,I forgot, you aren’t coming on the girls today are you?

I adjust my position so that your cock fits beautifully between my glistening ass cheeks. My breasts covered in droplets of passion, dangle in front of your face! “Ah,you can’t quite reach them, can you Mr Brit? Just look at those nipples begging to be tugged and sucked !!”

“Ok Mr Brit,just a quick taste of one glistening tit for you !”
I offer one breast which you greedily latch onto, forming an airtight sea lsucking and lapping. As I pull away you make a popping sound as your eager mouth uncouples from my tumescent nipple.

By now I am beginning to writhe in expectation and I reach for your bonds so as to give you full access to my yearning body, in particular my aching cunt, by now twitching and dripping incessantly.

You are free, and roughly flip me onto my back…briefly you focus on my pussy, lips wet, dark pink, pouting almost begging to be pumped by your rigid member.

You kiss my mouth frenetically whilst finger fucking my pussy…first one finger squelching, then two squelching and finally three fingers testing your ecstasy muscles.
I grip your fingers tightly and you make that come here sign with your hand so that you trigger the spot on the front wall of my vagina.

“”Fuck, you horny Brit, fuckin’do it, do it now and fuckin’ hard…hard. harder”
In plunges your cock, balls deep on the first thrust…pubic bone grinds against pubic bone, your pubic bone working against my bulging red clit.

You thrust again…my back arches, my thighs tighten against your flanks..Mutual cries of “Fuck, cunt , shag me fuck me, yes yes “ fill the air….you grunt and groan as your final thrust sets free a pulse of cervix splattering cum and my gripper tightens and milks your balls.

Each of us grips the other as tight as possible, arms legs thighs, cunt muscles ..we are drained of energy..the screams and groans have disappeared. we lay together still connected in a mist of euphoric fulfillment………….

“ Well was I worth the wait my horny Brit ??”. I