Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sensual, tender intimacy.........

I'm sorry, but at least one pair of those legs should be over my shoulders !!

Can't get it out of my head !!!

That tune that keeps playing and auto-rewinding in your head !!

Once in a lifetime.......Talking Heads (must fix so can be played on blog !!)

Brace yourself kd ......

Relief driver....

Every now and then I help a friend who has a small catering business. She makes and delivers business lunches, celebration and party food.

When she takes a holiday I do the deliveries because neither of the two women in the shop drive.

One particular day I was called in at the last moment because Sue had hurt her foot and it was strapped up. I received the phone call as I was sending a passionate message to kd, my internet friend.

So I headed off to the shop with thoughts of kd still active in my mind, not to mention stirring in the shorts region.
I collected the delivery list and duly loaded three business lunches.

The first two stops were reasonably uneventful apart from normal exchange of pleasantries and minor suggestive quips from the receptionist at the local office of DEFRA.

My final stop was a five or six mile journey into the countryside to the "Emergency Planning Department" of the regional administrative headquarters.

I turned into the gravel driveway of the converted country mansion and parked immediately in front of the five stone entrance steps. Just as I was reaching for the bell, the door opened and I was greeted by a very attractive woman, who announced herself as Carole, and that the buffet was for her and would I follow her.."Yes ma'am, lead on!"I replied.

At this particular venue I would usually have to take the trays and platters into the cellar rooms, however Carole said "We have a large meeting today so you'll have to cart all the stuff upstairs, you don't mind do you?"

Before I could say anything or even act the gentleman by going in front of her up the stairs, Carole stared climbing the fairly steep steps.

As I mentioned before my groin area had already been "stirred" by some communication with kd. Carole was a lady I estimated in her earler 40's, dressed in a very business-like navy blue pinstripe trouser suit.

To say it fitted her ass "closely" would be a gross misrepresentation of a highly erotic and cock rustling view.

It must have been the the extra strain put on the material by the steep stairway, but I could clearly see she was wearing a thong and was a mistress of the art of ass articualtion...boy did those cheeks move..."Are you ok with those trays on these stairs ?" asked Carole

"Yes fine," I replied, mentally removing my tongue from her ass-cleavage.

"Just leave them on the first table on the left,"she said, turning and smiling, and extremely confident that I had got the required eyeful.

"I'll go and get the other trays" I said...that's ok "I'll be setting this lot out " she replied.

On the way down, I was weighing up the situation ...the optimistic me was sure this was a come on, because all other females had walked behind me on those stairs. Realistic or pessimistic me filed this under "Cock tease !"

Well "Come on or cock tease" would not be tested because on delivering the second lot of trays, because Carole was not there and in her stead the office junior explained she had been called to the phone.

I returned to the van, took off my delivery jacket and sorted the empty trays in the back of the vehicle.

As I set off back to the shop, my days work done I thought about Carole, her ass and what she meant by leading the way.

It was very warm and I opened the sunroof slightly and switched on the radio..."Layla" by Derek and the Dominoes blared out... a long time favourite of mine especially when sexual opportunity was about.....I pulled into a lay-by which was partially screened fro the main road by a low hedge.

I unfastened the top three buttons of my shirt and unzipped my trousers. My dick was already well on the way to being a good stiffie and raw sexuality took over. I moved down slightly in my seat and began slide my foreskin up and down shaft..a drop of saliva lubricated it as the head began to take on it's familiar purplish red hue.

Steadily I increased the length and speed of my jerking as I conjured up the vision of Carole's ass, black thong stuck in her crack, just asking to be speared .

I got to the stage where I had to hold back because I didn't want to come yet and suddenly it was kd who was the masturbatory image....her ass was in the same league as Carole's, but she had the advantage of beautiful breasts, stiff erect nipples jutting out to be touched.

Keeping up the steady pace with my left hand, I slipped my right hand into my opened shirt and immediately met my engorged little felt so good flicking it with my thumb whilst I wanked hard...

I could see kd now, dangling her breasts in front of me as I got nearer and nearer to my orgasm..."Oh kd, finish me off, suck my cock, squeeze my balls, just do me !!"

muscle spasms began in my lower abdomen and upper inside thigh, as wave after wave took over my body...the first jet of cum landed on my hand, and with one final jerk I sent a twirling rope of cum all over the steering wheel and shouted out loud " Fuck, fuck kd I need to shag you ! you horny dirty bitch !""

I arrived back at the shop and Sue enquired as to how things had been, "Fine" I said, "although it was warm and a bit sticky on the way back !!

Nothing quite like a bone to chew on....

A real woman...

beautiful dangling breasts and a fleshy tummy !!!