Thursday, 7 July 2011

Breasts, boobs, tits..................

My folder is busting out all over so for all you followers who are boob fans, sit back and look....

Pussy of the day........

Two for the price of one.....a clam like pussy and a hand bra !!!!

Boobs of the day.....

I just love tousled, wild hair and beautiful tits !!!

Ass of the day......

It would be very good to get to grips with those cheeks !!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cock of the day....

a nice hips forward thrusting pose !!

Boobs of the day.....

or to be more accurate, boob and nipple of the day !

Ass of the day......

sheer panties and black hold ups....pretty hot I would say !!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

TOUNGE !!!!!!!!

I've got to admit I'm rather keen on spelling, and on a certain forum I'm "TOUNGED to death"


A good fuck and well hung !!

Some girlish laughs, a drink or two
Before I set my eyes on you
A table over I watch your eyes
Sliding down from breasts to thighs
An exchanged glance, a smile, a fire
Smoldering with shared desire
No words are passed between us but
We both know I'm going to be your slut
It's more like fate than chance or luck
We're destined for a rampant fuck
Outside we go, the night is chill
Passers-by add to the thrill
You yank up my dress, I pull out your dick
You finger my pussy all wet and slick
With one hand you pull my knickers aside
With the other you thrust your cock inside
I scream out in pleasure, you thrust in with vigour
Inside me it throbs getting harder and bigger
You call me a slut and a bitch and a whore
I know that it's true and urge you on more
Rough hands thrusting me up to the wall
Ramming and pounding me deep in my hole
My pussy walls stretched, my sex is so willing
To take every single inch of you filling
Me up to the hilt with every hard thrust
Fucking my sluthole with animal lust
Grunting and gasping you fuck me so rough
I urge you on harder, I can't get enough
Fuck Me I scream out, you respond like a demon
With a final hard thrust you fill me with semen
Spurt after hot sticky spurt you explode
making me cum as you shoot your thick load
I scream out in pleasure, wracked in orgasm
your cock gives me more with a final hard spasm
A few moments spent with gasping and sighs
I feel your warm semen slide down my thighs
We take a short moment to put ourselves right
Then return to our friends and continue the night.
I tell all about it, a good fuck and well-hung
But I'm not finished yet, oh the night is still young.